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Eco Magic Pop Blocks are colorful building blocks made from cornstarch, they look and feel similar to styrofoam, and are completely safe, biodegradable and water soluble. Our building toys are non-violent and harmless to both humans and nature.

The environmantally friendly toys are perfect for home and classroom decorations, amazing school assignments and safe art and craft projects.

Suitable for children of all ages, eco toys encourage and stimulate creativity and earth friendly awareness and also have excellent educational value. Eco Magic Pop Blocks enable children to learn while playing.

Eco Magic Pop Blocks have received American (ASTM D4236) and European (EN71 BS5665) safety certification.

Just press a Block onto a dampened sponge or paper towel, stick it to another Block and create anything you can imagine. Eco Magic Pop Blocks work great on materials such as paper, glass, cloth, wood, and even skin without the need for glue or tape. Cleaning up is fast and easy with a damp cloth.

Safe art and craft projects

School assignments

Home and classroom decorations