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Eco Magic Pop Block - FAQ

Please find below answers to the most frequently asked questions about Eco Magic Pop Blocks. If you have any other questions, comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us. All your opinions are very important to us and we will do our best reply to your inquiries as soon as possible.

What are Eco Magic Pop Blocks?

Eco Magic Pop Blocks are biodegradable building blocks made from cornstarch. They are perfect for home and classroom decorations, school assignments and safe arts and crafts projects. Eco Magic Pop Blocks are safe, non-toxic, environmentally fiendly and have excellent educational value.

What can I make with Eco Magic Pop Blocks?

Houses, castles, dinosaurs, hats, people, animals, planes, trees, flowers, rockets, jewelry - everything and anything in your imagination.

How do I use Eco Magic Pop Blocks?

Simply bump a Block on a damp sponge or paper towel (you can even lick it with your tongue) to make it sticky. Press moistened Blocks against dry Blocks to create a masterpiece. You can also glue a Block to paper, glass, mirror, cloth, wood or skin!

Why don't I need any glue?

Eco Magic Pop Blocks are made from cornstarch. A slightly moistening a Block causes a little melting of the cornstarch, which sticks wonderfully to a materials and surfaces.

How long do Eco Magic Pop Blocks stick together?

As long as Eco Magic Pop Block creations are kept away from moisture, they'll last forever!

Can I reuse Eco Magic Pop Blocks?

Absolutely! Simply pull the Blocks apart and reuse. After two or three uses, Blocks become a little rigid and should be disposed of.

How do I dispose of Eco Magic Pop Blocks?

Eco Magic Pop Blocks are completely biodegradable and dissolve in water wit no harm to the environment. Just put all the Blocks under running water - and watch them melt like ice.

How do I clean up Eco Magic Pop Blocks?

Cleaning up is fast and easy. To clean surfaces such as tables, mirrors, glass or wood, simply peel off the Blocks and wipe with damp cloth. From skin, wash off with soap and water. On cloth, launder as usual.

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