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Eco Magic Pop Block - Education

Eco Magic Pop Class is engaged in the production, development and promotion of earth friendly toys and services. Since 2002 Eco Magic Pop Class has been cooperating with Magic Nuudles USA on Eco Toys Project. Eco Magic Pop Blocks are the result of this successful collaboration.

In association with Wizard's World Co., Ltd. and AniTime Co., Ltd., the leading youth education-programming companies Eco Magic Pop Class is working to design and develop special courses for children. The aim of the courses is to encourage kids to become earth friendly aware and to protect the nature around them. Also with a use of Eco Magic Pop Blocks as a tool we aim to stimulate children's creativity in the period of their adolescence.

Eco Magic Pop Blocks can have a place in the classroom, therapy sessions and in the leisure time for students. Teacher can incorporate Eco Magic Pop Blocks for the training concepts in math, language, position in space, and directionality. There are a variety of accommodations to lessons that can be made because of the flexibility and safety of the Eco Magic Pop Blocks.

The toys can be incorporated to encourage focus on fine and gross motor objectives. Speech and language teachers have an instructional aid to promote language concepts with the opportunity for a student to demonstrate what was being taught in the classroom. Eco Blocks are a quick and easy tool to add to a lesson and give the student a three dimensional example to take with them to home. This provides more communicative opportunities to share and practice what was done in classroom with parents.

Eco Magic Pop Blocks can also provide an important venue for expression. They allow children to create three-dimensional objects from their imagination quickly without the need for other tools such as glue, tape, or scissors. For older students, Eco Blocks can be used in recreational or leisure activities in the natural environment or group home settings. The imagination and creativity begins with the teacher! Don't hesitate to try.

Eco Magic Pop Class team is committed to protecting the environment and has previously been involved in a wide range of environmental projects. Our goal is to ensure that the future generations will live on a green earth in a clean natural environment.

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